Anti Nit Poker

nit [noun]

Someone in poker who employs an extremely tight strategy. They are adverse to gambling and give little to no action unless they have a very strong hand. If they're involved in a big pot then you know they have a monster hand!

Now a nit is not just someone who is a rock at the table but also just bad for the game in general. You know the type, sits there quietly with their headphones and sunglasses. It's as if they're allergic to social interaction. We here at Anti Nit Poker promote opening up and having fun at the poker table.

After all it is just a game. So loosen up, gamble and live a little!

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About CzechRaiseCharles

I'm a part time poker player and full time dad. Most my time is spent as a stay at home father. Check out my YouTube channel or Instagram to see what I'm up to.